Delatite Veterinary Services Mansfield
Mobile vet for all your on-farm veterinary needs, Mansfield area, VIC.
0400 369 177 - Dr Anna Manning

- Surgery - Hospital
7 Chenery Street, Mansfield Vic 3722

5779 1754 - Dr Renee Nesser

Delatite Veterinary Services Mansfield
Wide range of services for large animals:
horses, alpaca, cattle, sheep
- lameness, colic, wounds, castration, A.I.

- calvings, lambings, caesarian.

Pregnancy testing with ultrasound
- for cattle, horses, alpaca and dogs.

Equine dentistry
New motorised equipment. Brilliant for precision work in tight areas of the mouth.
- extractions, sedation, balancing, written reports and multiple horse discounts.

Herd health and investigations
- blood testing e.g cattle nutritional profiles.

Accredited for Johnes MAP, AQIS.

Small animal (dog and cat) routine consults
- dog vaccinations, microchipping, grass seeds etc


Vet performing surgical, obstetric, immunisation services for cattle and large animals

Treatments and procedures for sheep
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