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Farming For Profit rural property advisory services

Farming for Profit

· Rural Property Improvement Services
· Servicing the Mansfield area since 2005
· Your partners in Primary Production

An advisory service to enable your property to reach its highest level of productivity.

Make your farm more productive

Contact: Trevor Pendergast -
m: 0429 866 162 - e:

· Property Assessment
· Whole Farm planning and effective farm layout design
- laneways, fencing, plantations and water management
· Project Management
· Pasture Improvement
· General Property Maintenance - Farm Management Services
· Equipment Hire


Whole farm planning to map improvements such as tree planting, fencing, pasture improvement

Property Assessment - an onsite inspection, and written report detailing:
· Soil test and fertiliser recommendations
· Stock plan
· Fencing layout
· Dam and trough locations
· Tree planting locations - windbreaks, combatting erosion, aesthetic effect, fire safety, shelter belts
· Weed identification and control programme
· 12 month scheduling programme
· Pasture report and plan.
Farm Management services
Machinery operation
General Property maintenance
Equipment Operation and Hire

Tractor - for blade work, discing, ripping, scarifying, slashing and seeding for weed control, pasture restoration, crops, stock.


Before and After examples of our farm advisory services
(developed over a 12 month period)

Fencing layouts to install fences and gates for effective boundaries

Fenced laneways and other fencing systems for cattle movement and security, and crop protection
Paddock prior to starting pasture restoration programme
Productive pasture, tree management and better use of land
Good soils produce high quality feed and crops
Tree location, weed control, soil quality restoration, productive pasture management

Before After
Weed eradication, fertiliser and water conservation are in the Property  Assessment report
A profitable fodder crop on improved paddock
Grasses from quality seed and healthy soil
Dam location, weed control, pasture maintenance, stock fodder production


Farming For Profit - property planning and maintenance,
based in the Mansfield area, in the High Country of north-east Victoria, Australia.

Mansfield in north-eastern Victoria; the all-year-round gateway to the mountains, rivers and lakes
- the waterways of Lake Eildon, the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail and the winter snowfields of Mt Buller Stirling.




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