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Horse & Rider Gear Mansfield
for the Mansfield area - Bonnie Doon, Goughs Bay, Jamieson, Maindample, Merrijig, Merton, Tolmie and Woods Point
Clearance of quality rugs, horse and rider gear
All heavily discounted.
Great bargains.

Mansfield Produce and Pet Supplies

proprietors Francis and Liz Seaton
1/7 Chenery Street, Mansfield Vic 3722 - map
ph: 03 5779 1385


Open Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm - Sat 8am to 1.30pm

Email / phone us more more details

Bargains on top quality
Riders' wear - helmets to boots
Horse gear and saddlery to suit all budgets
Care products for equine health - first aid, remedies and maintenance products, grooming.

We can help you be ready for the coming riding season
and gift ideas at a discounted price.

Mansfield Produce and Pet Supplies logo
Horse and rider plan their gear for the day

Riders' wear
- to suit dressage, showjumping, trail riding, endurance riding, training, just for fun, any time - to enhance the riding experience.
Boots - Chaps and gaiters - Clothing, including shirts, jodhpurs and breeches - Gloves - Helmets - Hi Vis wear and safety vests
Horse Gear - Saddlery, tack etc
Bits, boots, bridles - Fly veils - Girths, Headcollars, halters and leads - Reins and ropes - Rugs for all seasons and reasons - Saddles, saddle pads and cloths - Stirrups and spurs - Training products and mounting blocks - Whips

Care products for horses
Grooming: Brushes - Farrier tools - Kits and products
Health maintenance: Equine herbs and natural additives, molasses and apple cider vinegar - Supplements, vitamins, tonics, mineral licks - Wormers, liniments, supplements
Feeds and additives - Grains - Hay - Specialty feed mixes
Drinkers, feeders - Feed storage bins

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Mansfield Produce and Pet Supplies - at th etop end of Mansfield shopping area
Horse and rider gear for pleasure or sport



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