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Water Information for the Mansfield area
Government water authority information
Saving water in the home
Systems to save water, recycle waste water

Water Conservation Tips in the Home

If we all make the effort to conserve water when we are at home or on holiday, everyone benefits.

Even during a water shortage, our visitor facility operators will greet you with a welcoming smile and the opportunity for a lovely stay in a beautiful place.

Full details of water restrictions can be obtained from Goulburn Valley Water's website (www.gvwater.vic.gov.au)
or by calling 1800 45 45 00 (24 hour service).


Saving water in the home

Water is the most precious resource we have, yet we often take it for granted.
Saving water in our homes isn't hard, there are lots of simple things that we can do to make a real difference. Changing the way in which we use water around our homes is just as important as fixing leaking taps and buying water efficient appliances.

In the Laundry

The laundry often uses up to 20% of the water consumed in our homes.

• Wait until you have a full load before using the washing machine
• Adjust the water level to suit the size of your wash load
• If buying a new washing machine, purchase a water efficient model with a AAA rating
• When handwashing, wash clothes in a bucket and when finished use the water on the garden
• Install a greywater reuse system. Agents in the Mansfield area.

An ingenious, simple system for recycling grey water for the garden Another life for an old wheelie bin recycling washing machine water for the garden
A home-made grey water recycling system
using 44 gallon drums and hoses.
Another home-devised grey water recycling
system, for the laundry, using an old
wheelie bin, hoses and taps.

In the Kitchen

Around 10% of water use in our homes occurs in the kitchen

• Fill the dishwasher so you have a full load before using it
• Use the 'rinse hold' function on your dishwasher rather than rinsing dishes beforehand
• Put the plug in the sink before rinsing vegetables
• Check for leaking taps and replace washers regularly
• Use only as much water as you need in the kettle
• If buying a new dishwasher, purchase a water efficient model with a AAA rating
• When boiling vegetables use just enough water to cover them and keep the lid
on the saucepan

In the Bathroom & Toilet

Most of the water, around 40%, that we use inside the home is used in the bathroom and toilet.

• Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and shaving to save 5 litres of water
• Take a shorter shower, a shower only needs to be long enough to soap up, wash and rinse off
• Install a water saving shower rose
• Use a bucket in the shower to catch the water while you wait for it to heat up, use this on the garden
• Empty your dirty bathwater onto the garden using buckets
• Replace a single flush toilet with a dual flush toilet
• Use the half flush button when flushing the toilet. 
If you don't have a half flush button place a brick or a container filled with water in the cistern, this reduces the amount of water used each time you flush
• Check your toilet for leaks, a leaking toilet can waste thousands of litres of water a year


How does the Mansfield town water supply system operate?

Goulburn Valley Water has a diversion entitlement for the extraction of water from the Delatite River. This entitlement permits the Authority to divert water from the Delatite River to the town water storages.  However, this diversion is only permitted when the flow in the river is greater than 18 megalitres per day.

When are water restrictions introduced?

Water restrictions for Mansfield are introduced immediately when the flow in the Delatite River drops below 18 megalitres per day and are revised based on water consumption, levels in the storages and predicted rainfall.

How much water does the Mansfield community use?

The current daily use in Mansfield by Goulburn Valley Water customers is around 1.5 million litres of water per day. In addition water carters are taking approximately 600,000 litres of water per day from the Mansfield standpipe to rural property owners. During winter, water usage within the township is approximately 1.1 million litres of water per day and the target is to reduce water consumption to this winter level.

What is a Standpipe?

A standpipe is where water tankers can fill up with water for domestic and fire fighting purposes. However access to this standpipe for supplying rural properties is subject to availability of water. The Authority's policy is that when any water supply system reaches Stage 4 water restrictions, standpipes are closed (except for fire fighting purposes).


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